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Handicapping Challenge

Congratulations to David Parrow Jr., the winner of the April 20, 2019 Finger Lakes Simulcast Handicapping Finals! Provided there are no objections to these results, winners listed below may claim their cash prizes with proper I.D., beginning at 5 p.m. on Monday, April 22, 2019 (or within 90 days) at the Lucky North Club on the gaming floor. Congratulations to all our winners

First Place: David Parrow Jr. ($4,620)          $1,000 Plus HWS Entry/Trip

Second Place: Robert Brunner R2 ($4,440)         $600
Third Place: Sherie Cuddy ($3,810)                      $400
Fourth Place: Richard Delorme ($3,640)               $250
Fifth Place :Joe Dipassio ($2,980)                         $250
Sixth Place: Donald Barkley ($2,970)                    $100
Seventh Place: Steven Bennett ($2,850)              $100
Eighth Place: Warren Williams ($2,750)                $100
Ninth Place: Roland Demay R1 ($2,510)               $100
Tenth Place: Amy Smith ($2,420)                         $100