Spring Ka-Ching Entry Earning

April 8 - May 11

Earn entries April 8 thru May 11 by playing any Video Gaming Machine with your card inserted.

We’ll announce the Spring Ka-Ching winners at 10pm on Saturday, May 11!

$1,000 – One Winner

$5,000 – One Winner

$10,000 – One Winner

Be Here Bonus:
Winners who are present get a chance to win some EXTRA money! Each winner who claims their prize within 10 minutes of our announcement gets to spin the Spring Ka-Ching Wheel to win up to $5,000 in additional cash! More than $30,000 cash could be awarded!

Activate your entries by earning at least one point with your Lucky North Card on any Video Gaming Machine between 8am and 9pm on Saturday, May 11.

Official Rules