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Jackpot Winners

One spin is all it takes!

Player Extras Members who play with their Player Extras card when they win a jackpot will be invited to the next month's Jackpot Winners Party! So be sure to join Player Extras - winning at Finger Lakes pays off even more for Members! Meet some of our jackpot winners.

Jackpot winner Cynthia         
Cynthia from Honeoye won $5,090 on Pirate Bay on 5/15/17!

Jackpot winner James

James from Savona won $2,500 on Draw Poker Double Double Bonus on 5/14/17!

Jackpot winner Michael

Michael from Palmyra won $2,215 on Fu Dau Le on 5/14/17!

Jackpot winner Helmi

Helmi from Webster won $4,176 on Copper Cash on 5/9/17!

Jackpot winner Fred
Fred from Ontario won $5,000 on The Green Machine Free Spin on 5/4/17!

Jackpot winner Ryan

Ryan from Rochester won $2,000 on Wheel of Fortune on 5/3/17!

Jackpot winner Darlene

Darlene from East Rochester won $3,842 on Good Cents on 5/2/17!

Jackpot winner David

David from Churchville won $6,708 on Wheel of Fortune on 5/1/17!

Jackpot winner Nicholas
Nicholas from Spencerport won $5,371 on Good Cents on 5/1/17!

Jackpot winner Roy

Roy from Newark won $2,201 on Lady Liberty on 5/1/17!

Jackpot winner Leah
Leah from Henrietta won $2,785 on Diamond Vault on 4/30/17!

Jackpot winner Mark
Mark from Livonia won $2,400 on Double Diamond Deluxe on 4/30/17!

Jackpot winner Havah
Havah from Branchport won $2,000 on Draw Poker Double Double Bonus on 4/28/17!

Jackpot winner Helmi
Helmi from Webster won $10,000 on In The Money on 4/22/17!

Jackpot winner Lynette
Lynette from Brockport won $3,077 on Good Cents on 4/22/17!

Jackpot winner Robert

Robert from Wayland won $3,062 on Copper Dropper on 4/22/17!

Jackpot winner Ruth

Ruth from Newark won $8,132 on Copper Cash on 4/18/17!

Jackpot winner John

John from Farmington won $5,454 on Good Cents on 4/17/17!

Jackpot winner Dominic

Dominic from Rochester won $2,053 on Quick Hits Wild Blue on 4/14/17!

Jackpot winner Anthony

Anthony from Rochester won $5,163 on 4/15/17!

Jackpot winner Andrea

Andrea from Rochester won $3,946 on Copper Cash on 4/15/17!

Jackpot winner Terrie
Terrie from Elbridge won $2,200 on Red Hot Diamonds on 4/4/17!

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