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Player Extras Terms & Conditions

1.      Must be 18 to participate. Valid, current and proper identification is required to process Membership in the Player Extras Club and to transact all Club business, including the redemption of points and offers. Finger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack (FLGR) accepts only these forms of identification: US/Canadian/US Possessions driver’s license with photograph, US/Canadian/US Possessions non-driver’s identification with photograph, US Military identification with photograph, US/Foreign passport with photograph. Membership is voluntary.

2.      FLGR may send Club Members exclusive offers and valuable information through the mail, email or via phone. Members may request not to receive correspondence. Members should notify FLGR of any name, address and/or phone number changes in order to continue receiving information.

3.      It is the responsibility of the Member to properly insert his or her Player Extras Club Card into the reader box of an eligible video gaming machine before play begins; present the card to a mutuel seller prior to placing a horse racing wager; or swipe the card at a Self-Service Kiosk once a balance is established. Failure to do so will result in no activity being recorded for the particular transaction.

4.      FLGR is not responsible for any (i) incorrect or inaccurate data entry information; (ii) human error; (iii) technical malfunctions; (iv) equipment or software failures or omissions, interruptions or defects; or (v) any injury or damage to any person or property relating to or resulting from participation in this program. In addition, FLGR shall have no liability for (i) the theft, tampering, destruction or unauthorized access to, or alteration of, information related to any Member; (ii) data processing performed incorrectly, in an untimely manner, or that is incomplete or lost due to equipment or software malfunction; (iii) printing or other errors; or (iv) any combination of the foregoing.

5.      Membership, rewards and benefits of the Club are non-transferable. Only individual accounts may be opened. Points are not eligible to be redeemed for cash. Members are prohibited from using other Members Cards to activate entries, redeem offers, or conduct any other transaction available via use of the Player Extras Club Cards. Unless otherwise stated or announced, Base Point earning multipliers cannot be combined.  In the event of conflict, the higher offer will prevail.  Entry multipliers cannot be combined.  In the event of conflict, the higher offer will prevail.  Some food and/or beverage offers may not be combinable or may be subject to additional restrictions and/or limitations, without notice.   

6.      Employees of FLGR and its subsidiaries and affiliates, people who hold a Key License from the New York State Gaming Commission, people licensed by the New York State Racing & Wagering Board as on-the-grounds employees, and any immediate family members residing in the same household of any of the foregoing individuals are ineligible to participate in the program.

7.      Any licensee, registrant, contractor, subcontractor, consultant, officer or employee of a contractor, subcontractor, licensee, registrant or consultant that is directly involved in the operation of video lottery gaming or observation, or the processing of video lottery gaming prize claims or payments, is ineligible to participate in the program.

8.      FLGR reserves the right to decline to honor any prize or award if it is determined that there has been a violation of the Player Extras Club rules or if any Club offers or other materials have been reproduced or altered.

9.      Membership cards are the property of FLGR and must be surrendered upon request. FLGR is not responsible for lost or stolen cards nor personal identification number security.

10.  This program is not available where prohibited by law or regulation.

11.  Some awards, offers and benefits have a stated expiration date, and FLGR will not honor such awards or other benefits beyond such expiration dates. Any accumulated points on accounts inactive for a period of six months will expire. Inactivity is defined as not having any play recorded on the account.

12.  FLGR reserves the right to revoke or deny Membership in the Player Extras Club if it is determined that an individual has not complied with Club rules or the spirit of this program.

13.  These rules are subject to amendment and supplement by FLGR at any time. Additional rules and restrictions may apply to specific promotions.

14.  Use of the Player Extras Club Card indicates acceptance of all of these Membership rules and regulations.

15.  The Player Extras Club is subject to the rules and regulations of the New York State Division of the Lottery. The Player Extras Club is not sponsored or affiliated with the New York State Division of the Lottery. Management reserves the right to alter or cancel this program anytime without prior notice, provided, however, that FLGR shall, subject to the rules set forth above, honor all Reward points earned prior to any alteration or cancellation of this program.


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